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Could Infertility Problems be Exacerbated by Cosmetics?

Have you ever considered the chance that the chemicals you absorb from the skin care products you use daily, may impact on infertility problems?

There is evidence that one in 4 couples have infertility problems, ranging from the inability to fall pregnant, to carrying the baby to full term.
Studies are beginning to show a relationship between the prospective parents’ exposure to chemicals and their fertility problems.

If we take a look at the number of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, chemicals that have shown to have adverse effects on the reproductive organs of laboratory animals, then we might just have something to be concerned about.

The personal care routine of the average woman might be surprising. Not only by the number of chemicals, but that the same chemicals can be found in more than one product. This vastly in creases the number of exposures to toxic, hormone changing chemicals.

Butalayted Hydroxytoluene (BHT)
is a common preservative used in cosmetics, baby lotion and baby oil. This chemical can slowly erode metal and is a proven teratogen (causing birth defects) and carcinogen in laboratory animals. This chemical has such adverse effects on their reproductive organs, the number of young born, decreased directly as the intake of BHT increased.
Butalayted Hydroxyanisole (BHA) an antioxidant and preservative, not only produces detrimental reproductive effects, it also acts as a synthetic oestrogen, or xeno-estrogen, disrupting the natural hormone responses. Both these chemicals can be in the same product.

The day our hopeful mother-to-be goes to the salon to have her hair coloured, it is more than likely she will be exposed to Isopropyl alcohol (central nervous system depressant) and Hydroxyanisole (increases the risk of breast cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), both known animal carcinogens and teratogen. EDTA and Polysorbates are possibly in the shampoo and conditioners as well as Salicylic Acid, all produce reproductive side effects.

If the hair is finished with a sculpture lotion to make it shiny and lustrous, and then hair spray, she is exposed to yet (at least) another 2 chemicals, namely polyvinyl pyrrolodene (PVP) and Methylene Chloride. This last chemical has shown to cause physical defects in a developing embryo.

If she also chooses to have her nails sculptured as well, 2 more chemicals, namely Ethyl and Methyl Methacrylate are on the hot list. Then there is the plasticizers in the nail varnish, Dibutyl Phthalate, another xeno-estrogen. This chemical is on the EPA’s Extremely Hazardous Substance list.

There is little doubt that before she left for her home, our mother-to-be applied a moisturizer, maybe a body lotion and even a sunscreen. Most women will also apply some make-up. If any of these products contain Dimethicone (and it’s likely that there are multiple amounts in the products listed above, she will be exposing herself (and her unborn baby) to a chemical that has not been thoroughly investigated for its toxicological properties. Dimethicone has been shown to cause tumors in the lungs, thorax and endocrine system. It is harmful when absorbed into the skin.
Phenoxyethanol may be in any or all of the same products used. It is toxic to the bladder and liver and causes reproductive disorders.

Tricolsan is an endocrine disruptor, which means it may cause breast cancer and reproductive complications. It may also lead to early on-set puberty, yet it is the anti-bacterial used in many hand washes and soaps and in most toothpastes. Our poor, unsuspecting mother would have washed before venturing out!
Another chemical, Triclolcarben, with the same nasty effects as Tricolsan, is used as anti-bacteria, anti-microbial in make-up and cosmetics like mascara.

Toluene gets a special mention as this chemical can be found in fragrance, (including air fresheners) perfumes, spray cans, nail hardeners and polishes, hair gels and hairspray. Toluene is an animal teratogen and causes adverse reproductive effects and bone marrow changes. It is possible our mother has used all these products, containing this chemical as well.

I have just scratched the surface, naming a few of the many chemicals that our body’s can come into contact everyday, day after day. We are yet to explore the contents of the many household cleaning products used by women.
That is for another day.

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