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If you value your health …

If you also value your health and don’t wish to compromise it by using skin care and personal care products that include synthetic chemicals in their ingredients, then I hope you have now found information to answer your questions.

I do not apoligise for being biased toward organic skin care, as my research over the past number of years has only strengthened my opinion for the purity, efficacy and value for money these products provide.

Lets not muddy the waters regarding true organics and the pretenders. As people lean more and more toward natural, no-chemical products, cosmetic and skin care manufacturers promote and claim their products are ‘natural’ and even ‘organic’ even if there is no evidence of there being any ingredients that could honestly be described as such.

Then there are the middle ground products, those that may have some organic ingredients in the formulation, but also include synthetic chemicals.

If you would like the chance to choose skin and personal care products containing only pure, potent certified organic ingredients then you have come to the right place!

Miessence Certified Organics are certified organic to FOOD standards by third party, independent governing bodies.

By choosing these products for yourself and your family, not only do you avoid the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and contaminants, but you support the planet by supporting nature.




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