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Night Time Skincare Routine, When You Are Really Too Tired To Bother.




At the end of a busy day the last thing that many of us feel like doing, is bothering with a lengthy, time-consuming beauty routine. But it is important for the health of our skin, to properly cleanse and remove not only make up and the dead skin buildup from our bodies, but the pollution that has accumulated on our skin during the day.

The amount of clothing we wear depends on the season, but our face and neck, and often the chest area, is exposed to the atmosphere. Hopefully, we would have applied moisturiser in the morning, as well as a chemical free sunscreen if we were to spend any time in the sun, to protect our skin from the ravages of environmental pollution as well as radiation from the sun.

Often the creams we applied to the skin, although protecting, also serve as an ideal base for grit, grime and dirt to stick to. Removing the creams, make up and dirt from our skin before we retire allows the skin to breathe and assists with cellular renewal.

Once we get into a routine, proper cleansing of the face and neck each night, takes very little time, and we will be rewarded with a glowing, healthy skin. In fact, once you have become accustomed to going to bed with clean skin, you will find it difficult to avoid the routine.

If you don’t use make up, one cleansing should be sufficient. But if you have applied make up which includes foundation, mascara and eye shadow as well as eyeliner, you will need to do a double cleanse. One to remove the make up, and the second to clean the skin of dead cells allowing for new, fresh, plump cells to come to the surface.

A good cleanser will remove the entire make up without the need for separate products for eye make up and facial skin. Apply the cream to the face and neck, taking a little extra time and care with the eyelashes. Massage the cream gently into the eyelashes, with out pulling or tugging, as rough treatment will see the unnecessary loss of eyelashes. If you use waterproof mascara, this may take a little more effort.

Massage the cleanser into the skin, adding a little extra to remove lipstick, and remove with a warm, very wet face cloth. Rinse the cloth, and refill the basin with more water, repeat the cleansing, this time to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, as well as make up residue that may have been missed the first time round.

Some cosmetic manufacturers recommend the use of a toner after cleansing. This is an unnecessary step, designed to sell you more product. If the toner contains alcohol it will dehydrate the skin’s surface.

A good quality moisturiser, and perhaps a serum for dehydrated skin, particularly if you work in an air-conditioned atmosphere, should be applied before you retire. Avoid heavy, greasy creams, particularly those containing mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin wax, as they act like plastic wrap, preventing the skin from breathing or eliminating toxins. These ingredients may also be contaminated with carcinogens during manufacture, a twofold reason to avoid them.

When we rest, our body has the chance to renew tired, worn out cells. Our skin, in particular, benefits from a good nights rest, and by avoiding heavy creams, it has a chance to breathe. One of the best moisturiser our skin can use is by drinking plenty of filtered water during our day.

A few extra minutes caring for our skin at the end of our busy, hectic day, rewards the face we show the rest of the world. This in turn, ensures we look the best we can with a fresh, clean and clear complexion.

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