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Your Morning Beauty Routine: How to Make It Quick And Easy.



I know very few women, who have the time for a lengthy, leisurely morning beauty routine. Most of us are busy getting the family ready for school and ourselves ready for work. A quick shower and smear of lipstick is sometimes the best we can do.

But if we neglect caring for our skin, we will pay for it in the long run, resulting in an un-even, dull, muddy complexion that may well belie our age. When we cleanse regularly, we remove the top dead layer of skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath. Exfoliation also promotes cell renewal, speeding up the turnover of our outer cells, or epidermis, to promote a healthy glowing complexion.

By doubling up some of the steps of our beauty routine in the morning, we can save time, but still achieve our object of a clear, clean, healthy skin. Begin your bathroom routine by pinning your hair up out of the way. A plastic shower can quickly and easily achieve this. Once your hair is out of the way, and you are waiting for the hot water to come through, smear a generous quantity of good quality cleanser over your face, neck and décolletage (chest area).

Massage lightly, and then apply over the top of the cleanser an exfoliating cream.  Depending on your skin type, but you may only need to use the defoliator every second day. Avoid buying exfoliating creams that contain ground shell, such as ground almond shell. These have rough edges and will tear at the skin tissue damaging it rather than removing the top layer of dead cells. As you step into the shower, continue to massage your cleanser/defoliator into the skin, and by the time your body is wet, you will be ready to rinse it off as you wash the rest of your body.

Leave your skin slightly damp, but not wet, for quick absorption and apply your moisturiser and eye cream with swift, light, upward movements. If you choose your moisturizers in airless pump packs, not only will you save time from undoing and doing up lids, you will prevent the creams becoming contaminated from dipping your fingers into the jars.

When applying your moisturiser, pump the cream onto your fingertips, and spread over the skin on your face, neck and chest. Avoid rubbing the cream into your hands first before you apply it to your face and neck, as this takes up precious seconds and more cream will be absorbed into your hands than you actually get to put on your face.

If you like to apply foundation, use this interval to brush your teeth to give the moisturizers time to absorb into the skin, and provide a smooth base for the liquid or powder of your choice.
A quick flick with the mascara wand, a little smear of lipstick and you are ready to go, ensuring that your skin is clean, glowing and protected from dehydration by the moisturizers.


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