Hi, my name is Karen and I have been in the hairdressing and ‘beauty’ industry for more decades than I care to admit!

I use the inverted commas around ‘beauty’ as I am completely disillusioned by cosmetic manufactures in the way many of them flaunt safety issues by including ingredients in their products that have never been properly tested by any independant third party governing body. In fact, 89% of chemicals in the products we slather on our bodies every day have not been sufficiently tested.

The environment is entitled to a mention as many chemicals are not bio-degradable. An example of such substances is sodium lauryl sulfate, used as a foaming agent in 90% of products that lather, this chemical is toxic to marine life … can you imagine how much of it ends up in our water ways?!

It makes perfect sense not to put any thing on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Studies are increasing in number to show that many chemicals used in skin care, personal care and cosmetics are toxic to research animals.

I am passionate about removing/limiting chemicals from daily life. I train others to recognise ingredients that can be harmful to health, included in skin care, personal care products and cosmetics.

Recently, cosmetic manufacturers have been caught out lying about the positive results their skin care would produce and one has been taken to court as  a model promoting their product in the print media had been air-brushed to enhance her look!

There are alternatives in Organic and chemical free options, not only safer, but offering real results for nourishing the skin to help prevent pre-mature ageing. I am a proud Representative for one of these companies, under www.vieworganics.com for almost 5 years, almost as long as the company has been operating.

The results for myself and my customers has been fantastic for our complexion and we can feel positive that we are reducing the amount of chemicals produced and ulimately dumped on our planet.

Please seriously consider removing, where possible, chemicals that could contaminate not only your body, but our planet. A good place to start is with your personal and skin care products. It might take one thing at a time.. starting with your shampoo and cleanser and replacing your products as they are finished with environmentally sound options.

I hope you will enjoy the articles I have written and those of other like-minded authors I include here. To your health and the rescue of our environment …

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