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Fantastic Looking Skin …

…    When was the Last Time Yours Looked Great?

Could chemical-laden skin care products be spoiling your complexion?

In the multi-billion dollar business that is the cosmetics industry the choices of skin care and cosmetic preparations abound.

  • Are you confused about what to buy?

  • Are you sure the results will live up to the claims made by the manufacture?

  • What would you find if you took a closer look at the ingredients in that expensive cream you bought?
    These questions can be answered quite easily:-

*Of course we are all confused what to buy! The promises the ads make, endorsed by beautiful models and celebrities entice us. We want to look the best we can, but we are being foxed by the use of magic cameras and airbrushed pictures.It seems a ploy to make us insecure enough to fork out loads of cash on little containers of mysterious concoctions that come with huge expectations!

We want results and we want them NOW! If you are anything like me, by the time I had come to the last skerrick of cream in the latest ‘fountain – of – youth in a bottle’, I had forgotten what the aim of the product was for. And no, I really can’t see a great improvement!So, on to the next wonder cream just released … because I’m worth it.

*Ah!… Now here is where it gets interesting! You see, I have taken a closer look at labels in all sorts of products, from cleansers to moisturisers and those amazing ‘anti – ageing’ preparations. And guess what? They basically have the same ingredients! Whether they are high end or supermarket products there are some startling similarities.

First on the ingredients list is usually water. It might read ‘aqua’ but it is still water!

In fact, the first 3 or 4 items on the list usually make up 90% to 95% of the entire product. Water is a reasonable carrier for the other ingredients, but is it pure water?

We can’t tell!

If I’m paying a decent price for a product, I want to be assured it is not based on water and a few chemical cocktails.

Dimethicone or mineral oil is often listed in the top 3 or 4 on a label of a moisturiser. These chemicals could be the reason for a disappointing result.

Dimethicone is a silicone that forms a barrier on the skin, causing cellular dysfunction such as preventing the skin from eliminating toxins. It has been shown to cause tumours in laboratory animals.

Mineral oil is from the petro-chemical industry. It coats in much the same way as Dimethicone and offers absolutely no benefits to the skin at all. It seems the more you use it the more you need it.

I have written lengthier reports regarding these two chemicals.

‘Alcohols’ watch out for these nasties, apart from dehydrating the skin, chemicals like ‘ceteareth alcohol’ can be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen. This can form during the manufacturing process.

If we take a look at cleansers, 90% of products that foam contain sodium lauryl sulphate.

This chemical separates the layers of the skin. In a shampoo it can damage the hair follicle, and is dehydrating. It is also toxic to marine life … think how much must end up in our water ways!

What ever type of product you use, it will invariably have preservatives. These ingredients maintain the shelf life of a product.

Paraben preservatives are widely used even though they are known to be toxic. They can also be contaminated during their manufacture. The easy trick to finding them in a product is to look for methyl, propyl, butyl or ethyl in an ingredient word. You may find as many as five in just one product!

I have found that I get much better results for my skin by using skin care that does not have any chemicals at all … just pure food grade natural ingredients without chemical processes.

Over the past 5 years, after eliminating all chemical concoctions, the improvement to my skin has been astounding. I can’t believe I had missed out on these before.

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