Unique Business Opportunity

Unique Business Opportunity

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Whatever time you have to invest in your business, you will be armed with a large  array of tools and support to choose from to help increase your income.

As the US economy begins to surge froward, you can be well placed to begin your new enterprise and grow an exceptionally unique business with products that are rapidly gaining a global reputation as the most pure and potent certified organic products available.

Being certified organic gives assurance by a stringent third party that no high temperature processing or use of synthetic chemicals, unnatural dyes, colouring, or other additives are used.

The multi-billion dollar Organic Industry can provide you with an ethical, sustainable and profitable income.

You will start immediately with your own dedicated web site … where people interested in certified organic products will find you on-line and where you can direct prospective customers to discover and purchase skin and personal care products unrivalled in their purity and potency as they are Certified Organic to FOOD standards.

You will continue to build revenue when you sponsor others into your business,  receiving bonus payments for each and every person joining your team. Bonus dollars will accrue with each team sale and as your team grows, the rewards become larger.

Remember that as your Miessence Representative, I am only an email or phone call away to assist you with any questions you might have. For details of the Comp Plan, or any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further assistance.

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Would you like the opportunity to boost your existing business or perhaps even develop a lucrative home-based business that capitalises on the booming growth of the organics industry – which for the first time in history, through miessence®, is now seriously tapping into the US$122 billion cosmetics and personal care industry?

Your Opportunity

Re-vamped Compensation plan came into effect October 1, 2012. This allows the Rep to earn even more with an up-dated system recognising the work and commitment to building a sustainable income.
The system is easier for you to reach higher levels in the strata, allowing you rewards of bigger bonuses to be paid through many layers. You can receive income from people far removed from you in the compensation tree.

Loyalty Bonuses see you earning from each and every person you sponsor and from everyone they sponsor, continuing more than 30 levels deep.

*An example of income when you join, select the *FAST START or *SUPER FAST START option, select to receive a small monthly order … : Sponsor 1 or 2 people into the business, who also select Fast Start, in your first 30 days and receive $75 for each = $150.

Sponsor a third, also on Fast Start, in your first 30 day and receive $220 = $370! This would more than pay for you own Fast Start order if you wanted to begin your business with a range of products. This is an example and there are other options for you to begin.

Plans are often difficult to understand but an explanation on how you can benefit is set out in a pdf slide format. Please indicate on the contact form if you would like a copy.

Are you looking for a home-based business that will give you more time to pursue your dreams and allow you to spend more time with family and friends?

Would you like to work with a highly principled, mission oriented company having a positive effect on the health and well being of others, as well as the environment?

One of the world’s fastest growing industries can offer you an opportunity to reap substantial financial rewards while helping others realise their lifestyle goals.

Purest Products on the Planet

Australian company, ONE Group (Organic and Natural Enterprise Group), has created the world’s first extensive certified organic product range of skincare, haircare, bodycare, healthcare and cosmetic products. The range is independently tested by official international agencies to meet the highest international organic food standards.

Being certified organic gives assurance by a stringent third party that no high temperature processing or use of synthetic chemicals, unnatural dyes, colouring, or other additives are used.

ONE Group’s complete skin care range has been certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – to the highest organic food standards!

The Miessence® brand includes:

• skin cleansers • skin conditioners • skin moisturisers exfoliants • masks • treatment gels • serums • hydrating mist • hair shampoos & conditioner • hair rinse & repair • styling gel body wash • body cream • body powder • deodorants • toothpastes • mouthwash • foundations • concealers • cosmetic powders • lipbalm • lip crèmes • shimmer crèmes • blush powders • mascara – and new products being created all the time!

In addition, ONE Group manufactures a growing line of MiEnviron® home products and the MiVitality® range of superior nutritional products.

The Ease of Home-based Business

This truly is a rare opportunity to combine your interests and values with making a successful living or boosting your existing income. You can feel good offering the purest, most effective personal care and health products on the planet.

How much can you earn?

The level of income earned depends on the commitment, effort and the time invested in your business. The seamless compensation plan allows you to build an international team with unlimited rewards.

We invite you to consider this rare opportunity to join our dynamic team of motivated individuals and take advantage of our current international expansion.

The Potential

Becoming an Independent Representative of ONE Group, will allow you to:

• earn a growing income on a monthly basis • spend more time with your family & friends • choose your own hours & working days • have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle

Full Training Support

ONE Group offers complete training and support in the form of in-person, online and phone seminars, newsletters and updates, sales & marketing materials, your own personalised ONE Group website, product brochures, catalogues and promotional items.

You will have access to support from your sponsor (the person who introduced you), upline leaders, the web and the corporate office.

Is this for you?

Please leave me a message on the secure contact form for more information about becoming a ONE Group Independent Representative. I look forward to supporting your success!